About Zora DeHorter

Zora is a Nigerian born, British raised independent film, television and commercial CASTING DIRECTOR.

She has cast such films as "Ali G InDa House" (2002), "Species III" (2004), "Loving Annabelle" (2006) which won 10 awards including L.A. Outfest, Atlanta Film Festival, Paris Film Festival, Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival; "Half-Life" won emerging director award (Jennifer Phang) at the Asian American Film Festival in 2008 as well as best feature Gen Art Film Festival in 2008, then in 2009 won jury award at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. Then "Once Fallen" won best director (Ash Adams) at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2010. She followed that with "Sushi Girl" (2012) in which she attached Danny Trejo, Mark Hamill, Michael Biehn, Todd Todd, Jeff Fahey.

From 2002-2004 Zora worked with MGM Television casting TV series "She Spies", episodes "Dead Like Me" and "Jeremiah". She got to work with MGM again at the end of 2014 as a casting consultant on an MGM feature film entitled "Max".

End of 2014 Zora cast a pragmatic gritty urban tale about Latino gangs set in East Los Angeles called "I Am Gangster". This film proved to be a challenging yet gratifying experience casting sixty-six speaking roles predominately of Mexican descent. Then she finished off the year with a martial arts themed feature "Untitled Livi Zheng Project" (fka "The King's Rook").

In 2015 Zora had a wonderful experience working with Sean Stone (Oliver Stone's son) on 'Enter the Fist and the Golden Fleecing" and worked again with director Katherine Brooks ("Loving Annabelle") to cast her follow-up feature attaching Jill Hennessey to play the lead in "Confidential".

At the end of 2015 Zora partnered up with casting director Anissa Williams ("In Living Color") and has had the pleasure of already casting three feature films together. 1) "Cops and Robbers" - attaching actors Michael Jai White, Tom Berenger and 40 others. 2) "IF" for director/actor Mario Van Peebles we attached William Fitchner, Paul Rodriguez, Brad Carter and 43 more actors. 3) "Puberty" for director Eddie Alcazar and Flying Lotus actors attached are Abbie Cornish, Garrett Wareing and 23 other actors. Zora and Anissa are prepping the first ever Gospel theatrical piece called "The Gospel Truth".

Zora also has projects in development, such as "Nightmare City" a remake of Umberto Lenz's 1980s horror cult classic in which Zora has already got 'letters-of-intent' from Kristanna Loken, Lou Ferrigno, Ray Wise, Tony Todd, Emilio Rivera. "To the Very Gates" a period piece set in WWII Germany (based on the true story of Marie Reille); an action Sci-Fi feature "Dead Space" in which she has attached Steven Seagal and Chuck Liddell. And a western about the time Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid spent in Patagonia called "Sudestern".

Zora has also made a name for herself as an ACTING/AUDITION COACH. She coaches actors as they prepare for auditions. Her clients have included Neil Dickson, Bert Belasco, Hannah Cowley, Oliver Trevena, Darren Darnborough, Terence Beesley, Samuel Caruana, Laura Vandervoort, Rodney Charles, Tony Okungbowa, to name a few! Before that she was a resident acting teacher at Talent Ventures Inc. (TVI Actors Studios) for eight years teaching "cold reading mastery" classes.