Acting coach

Acting Coach

Zora has also made a name for herself as an ACTING COACH. She coaches actors as they prepare for auditions. Her clients have included Neil Dickson, Hannah Cowley, Oliver Trevena, Darren Darnborough, Terence Beesley, Samuel Caruana to name a few.


After working for over seventeen years as a Casting Director, Zora has gained an extensive knowledge of what it takes to get the job. In addition to her ongoing casting work, she is coaching actors to help them prepare for upcoming auditions and jobs.

As a seasoned acting coach Zora can give actors pointers with a critical eye and tell you exactly what you're missing before you do the audition. She can tell you when you are not articulating properly or when you overact and can help you hone the character to make it more real. Even serious, trained actors can stumble over getting the emotions right on a complex character, so the acting coach can help give them some outside perspective so they can really get into the character.


Zora will teach actors what they need to know before, during and after their auditions and she will use her skills and experience as a Casting Director to prepare them to win the part.

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I look forward to working with you!

Zora DeHorter